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In 1956,  my father the original owner of this  company  and his family  came to United States and  relocated  to Wilmette Illinois  from Italy.

With little means they started  a small landscaping company .  They mainly  worked in the Wilmette area.

As the company grew as well as there families. There was a need to spilt the business into two as it stands today.

I joined my fathers business after serving my country in 1992. I started as a entry level employee Learning from the best crews. In 1994, I attended Lake county college for landscape design. Even today I have been taking certification classes such as a master gardener course. I also go to work on the crews everyday.

Like every mom and pop we kept our employees on for years . We believe  in  keeping skilled and experenced employees and paying them a livable wage.  Landscaping is one of the most physically demanding jobs . Keeping good employees with skill adds to the value of your home by keeping it neat and ultimately Keeping you happy.

We are A fully insured Company. This is important for anyone who decides to hire a Landscaper. If the landscaper is not insured and something  happens on your property you become responsible for it .Landscapers are not considered domestic help for the fact that they bring there own equipment.

We have been serving the north shore for over 40 years  We have a great track record for retaining clients for a life time and in some cases we get referred to there siblings

When you hire Ronnie Tomassetti Landscaping  you can expect a great service at a reasonable price!



We provide Lawn care services, Wilmette,Il , and many other communities!

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